WATCH: City Residents and Police Kick Antifa Out of Town!…This Isn’t Portland

We’ve seen the chaos in Seattle first. Then we’ve seen it in Portland. Now we’re starting to see it in Springfield, Oregon.

Actually…here’s what happened:

Antifa and Black Lives Matter “activists” showed up in Springfield, Oregon to “peacefully protest.” (Yeah, right)

Like we saw from the video in Chicago the “peaceful protest” soon turn to violence as the extremists then began to confront police and tried to break through a police barrier.

KGW8 reported,

The march started at Jessie Memorial Park with about 200 gathering. While it was peaceful, the Eugene Register Guard reports neighbors who were concerned about riots and Antifa arrived, leading to tense conversations.

Protesters marched through the Thurston neighborhood for about 30 minutes. When the march reached the police barricade, that’s when tensions quickly rose. The Register Guard reports that a half-hour standoff ensued that included chants of “peaceful protest” on one side and threats of arrests on the other.

Police finally pushed through the barricade, according to the Register Guard, and began grappling with protesters and wrestled some to the ground.

At least two people were seen taken into custody. The Register Guard reports a “prominent protest leader” was arrested and some people were injured.

When the protesters turned around and went back to Jessie Memorial Park, they were confronted by counter-protesters, some of whom accused the protesters of being Antifa.

Local police did not mess around…

it wasn’t just the police in Springfield that did their jobs, so did the residents. As residents learned about the confrontation with police counter-protestors began coming out of their homes to confront the radicals.

The residents started to drive the extremist out of the city.

The extremists end up getting surrounded…

Antifa then begged the Police officer to help them (gotta love the irony).

According to reports on the ground, Antifa said that they were going to come back but, they may want to think twice.


This is how these thugs should be handled. We can’t continue allowing these terrorists to destroy our cities.

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