WATCH: Chris Cuomo Meets His Match When Challenged By Gym Owners Trying To Save Their Business

CNN hack-job anchor Chris Cuomo actually bit off more than he could chew when he invited the two owners of the Atilis Gym in New Jersey that has been highly targeted by the state of New Jersey.

The owners of the gym, Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti have defied New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s lockdown orders on multiple occasions and are essentially in a standoff with the state.

The two men have reopened once again after breaking down the barricades that were set up by the New Jersey Department of Health.

Cuomo asked the two men, “Here’s the problem. You lose here because they are the regulatory authority. And what do you do about $10,000 a day, and what do you do if they want to lock you up because they have the law on their side of keeping people safe during a pandemic?”

The men then blasted Gov. Murphy for the way that he has handled the whole pandemic, including emphasizing that the vast majority of the occurred in nursing homes that caused the majority of deaths in the state.

“We’re being villainized as small businesses in general, that we’re responsible for the spread,” Smith said. “But over 50 percent of the deaths are coming from places that are supposed to be under a governor’s control.”

Trumbetti and Smith also disclosed that they have ordered more and have rapid coronavirus tests for those who wish to work out at their gym. Trumbetti said that they haven’t had one case traced back to their gym because of the controls they’ve put in place.

At this point in the interview, the intensity started to increase and Cuomo said, “What you’re saying about long-term care facilities, I’m not questioning it. We did the wrong job by the most vulnerable people. The oldest and the most fragile will die the most in a situation like this, but it doesn’t mean you did it the right way.”

That's when Trumbetti went off,

“You’re knocking Trump because of the total numbers. Fifty-three point three percent of the deaths come from 0.6 percent of the population. Bottom line, that’s a f***ing stat that nobody’s talking about.”

“I lost my mother from this! She got it in the hospital. You’re barking up the wrong tree!”

That's when Cuomo had to warn him, “seen as a political actor, you’re going to get treated as a political combatant.”

Trumbetti shrugged it off, “That’s OK with me, because if people didn’t know me for my entire life, I never had a political bone in my body, I thought blue states were bordered by water and red states weren’t.”

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