WATCH: Chairman Nadler Falls Asleep During Impeachment Hearing Due To Boredom

There was actually a lot of good information that came out of the hearing, but the Democrats didn't care, they heard what they wanted to hear and some of them didn't listen at all because they've already made up their mind about Trump based on their own political bias. Chairman Nadler was one of them who really showed that he didn't care much about the impeachment hearing.

During the time that Rep. Steve Chabot was speaking – and actually at that moment he was speaking about Nadler and the Democratic Party orchestrating this ridiculous impeachment inquiry, you can see Nadler doze off and suddenly snap back out of it.

According to The Daily Caller,

Democratic New Jersey Rep. Jerry Nadler was caught on camera appearing to have some difficulty keeping his eyes open as his Judiciary Committee colleague, Republican Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot, was speaking during Wednesday’s impeachment hearing.

The momentary lapse by the House Judiciary Committee chairman was posted by the Trump War Room Twitter account, which was quick to poke a little fun with some sleep-appropriate music.

Of course, it got boring at times, it's not a sports event or an entertaining tv show or movie. It was professors talking about law, not exactly the most exciting thing in the world.

Still, I think Jerry Nadler, who is, after all, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, should be required to stay awake and alert for these hearings.

Perhaps Nadler was just tired of seeing the Democrats' case against Trump go up in smoke. Professor Jonathan Turley quite epically poked ginormous holes in their case, even pointing out their double standard with regard to their claims of obstruction. Or perhaps it really doesn't matter what anyone says — the Democrats are gonna do what their radical base demands they do, regardless of the facts. (PJM)