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Watch: Bloomberg Rally Gets Crashed By Pro-2nd Amendment Virginians

A large group of Second Amendment loving Virginians crashed a rally former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg over the weekend leaving him in a position in which he didn’t know what to do.

While Bloomberg was in the middle of speaking, one protestor started yelling, “You’re f***ing fascist!… You’re a racist!” The crowd then started to boo the man and then chant, “We like Mike.”

After a while, things got loud and the entire group of pro-Second Amendment activists who were wearing “guns save lives” stickers, started chanting “guns save lives,”. Eventually, security threw them out of the Bloomberg rally.


Bloomberg’s money is the reason why Democrats in Virginia were able to take over and in return were told by Bloomberg to pass the draconian gun laws.

“I’ve been to Virginia more than anywhere else,” said Bloomberg. “I have been involved in Virginia politics since long before I became a presidential candidate. In 2013, I was a big supporter of Terry McAuliffe. Of course, Virginia had to grapple with its past while Terry was in office.”

“In 2017, 2018, and 2019, we were fighting against the hate displayed in Charlottesville,” he said. “Last year, in more than 25 years, all that work paid off, and Democrats took control of both chambers [of the Virginia state house].”

Bloomberg is committed to spending a lot of money, as much as necessary. I’d bet he’s even willing to go broke trying to defeat Trump. His spending is paying off in part as he has seen rising numbers in the national polls.

So far, we’ve seen Buttigieg and Sanders win in the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary. Bloomberg wasn’t on either of those ballots.

Right now, Bloomberg’s campaign has been doing some damage control because an audio clip was released of him making racists remarks. They’re probably also going to have to do some work is explaining why he wants old people with cancer to die instead of trying to help them after that video was released.

Bloomberg is running a very large social media campaign. Even I have been getting daily ads from Bloomberg. But he hasn’t done any interviews with the media. This is probably because he’ll probably say something he shouldn’t or not be able to answer a question properly.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, who is also running for the Democratic nomination called him out, saying that she can’t beat him financially but Bloomberg needs to be on the next debate stage and answer questions. I agree he should, but maybe that’s part of his tactic to win. If he can’t be challenged on what his platform is, then people will just remain ignorant and vote for him.

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