WATCH: US Soldier Manhandles Man Who Spit on His Car and Attacked Him

Certainly, George Floyd’s death has had an immense impact on our country over the last 3 1/2 months.

Since the tragic incident, there has been calls for defunding the police which has led to an astronomic rate in shootings and murders even though they haven’t been defunded. There have been ongoing riots in liberal cities accompanied by violence and murder.

Many people have been put on edge and some people just aren’t putting up with it. Take for instance an altercation between a black man and a white soldier in Buffalo, New York. Obviously, the media has been trying to pit black people vs white people when in reality we need to be united against the media and politicians.

Apparently, the black man initiated the conflict by spitting on the soldier’s car, insulted him and threatened others, and finally came up to the soldier for a fight. That’s when the soldier punched the black man, took him down, and sat on his chest until the police arrived.

One bystander, Said Hamideh, captured the incident on video (seen below). The video begins after the two had apparently exchanged words. It’s difficult to tell if the civilian was attempting to hit the soldier, but he clearly lunged towards him. Once the soldier had the black man pinned, he then began yelling for someone to call the police.

The emphasis on race then begins to arise as bystanders flock around the pair. As the Daily Mail reports,

“As more bystanders flocked to the scene, one is heard angrily asking the soldier whether he is a ‘white supremacist, or something’.

“A second bystander, dressed in a red t-shirt, interjects: ‘This isn’t about race. Don’t make it about race.’ He continues by telling bystanders they don’t know the full story, and the man being pinned down had been causing problems earlier in the area, and police were called.”

Several of the bystanders can be heard voicing their concern about the soldier sitting on the black man’s chest, obviously concerned about a repeat of George Floyd. Hamideh, who shot the video, came up to the man on the ground and asked him if he was okay and whether or not he could breathe. The man responded cryptically, “Oh yeah man, I’m good. I’ve been waiting for this.”

Once the police arrived, the solider immediately got up and walked away to let the police do their job. It’s unclear if either of the men were arrested for the incident.

Daily Mail

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