WaPo Suggests Black Americans ‘Tired of U.S. Hostility’ Could Relocate to Ghana

Wow. We have really come full circle on love and equality, huh? Our grandparents and great grandparents fought to end segregation, only for people today to suggest that black Americans relocate to Africa to be “free from White America’s psychic violence.”

Last week, an essay published in the Washington Post, “For African Americans tired of U.S. hostility, Ghana is still calling,” columnist Karen Attiah declares that “Sometimes, leaving is the most powerful form of resistance.”

She wrote about American civil rights activist W.E.B. DuBois’ move to Ghana in 1961, stating that “he had endured Jim Crow racism, FBI surveillance and the confiscation of his passport by the United States, and decided it was enough.”

She also quoted a poem written by DuBois titled “Ghana Calls,” in which she claims serves as a “scathing resignation notice” that he “handed White America.” 

“Nearly 60 years after Du Bois’s death, America is still trying to perfume itself to the world as a haven of freedom and progress,” Attiah continued. “But the past weekend has been a reminder that America is all too content to tolerate the stench of Black death.”

Though “much liberal commentary has been devoted to blaming Fox News, Tucker Carlson and other race-baiting GOP apparatchiks for promoting racism and the great replacement theory,” she declared, “when it comes to white supremacy, White liberals have long held on to dangerously naive replacement theories of their own — that increasing populations of nonwhites will automatically dent anti-Blackness, for instance, and that younger generations are automatically less racist than their forebears.”

“Josephine Baker, James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Maya Angelou and Nina Simone all left America for Europe and Africa to feel mentally and spiritually free from White America’s psychic violence,” the activist argued. “Sometimes, leaving is the most powerful form of resistance.”

Unfortunately, there will be racist people wherever you go because there is not a country on earth spared from evil and hatred. Moving across the world won’t solve the issue because it isn’t a location problem, it is a heart problem.