Virginia Man Arrested And Refused Bond After Defending His Store From Criminals

A Virginia man was recently arrested in Virginia after taking a stand and defending himself and his business.

The man, Hamzeh Abushariah fought off robbers and defended his store and as a reward, he was arrested and now the district attorney is refusing that he be allowed to get bail.

Abushariah could have easily been killed, but his bravery preserved his life and store. The police are seeing things differently and now he is in jail for standing his ground.

“A Virginia store employee was jailed with no bond after shooting at three masked intruders who allegedly broke into the business, wounding one of them, WJLA-TV reported — and the owner of the Arlington Smoke Shop is outraged at authorities.

Arlington County Police said three suspects forced their way into the smoke shop to steal cash and merchandise just before 5 a.m. Sunday, the station said.

Hamzeh Abushariah, 33 — who was temporarily staying at the store and sleeping in a back room — got up and grabbed one of two guns that store owner Jowan Aqrawi purchased two weeks ago due to concerns over coronavirus crime spikes, WJLA reported.

“We bought protection for the store just in case, because on Facebook you see a lot of robberies, a lot of things going on,” Aqrawi explained to the station.

Abushariah opened the door to the sales floor and fired the gun, hitting one of the suspects — a juvenile, police told WJLA. He then retreated to the backroom before reentering the sales floor and firing the gun again as the suspects tried to flee the business, police added to the station.

Abushariah was charged with malicious wounding, reckless handling of a firearm and violating a protective order”, according to a police statement obtained by local blog ARLNow. Arlington Police also told WJLA that the charge of violation of a protective order related to Abushariah reportedly being ordered not to have a firearm.

“It’s very sad for America today as American citizens practice their Second Amendment to protect the store and their lives,” Zuber said. “Do you know what the [responding] police officer told him [Abushariah]? ‘Why didn’t you run out the back door?'”

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