Virginia Democrats Retaliate Against Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

Virginia Democrats were recently defeated temporarily on a gun ban. They may be down, but they are definitely not out.

Rather, they are coming back hard against Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties by going after the Sheriff's Departments for trying to protect the Constitutional rights of the citizens.

Governor Northam and his goons blocked a 3% raise proposal for the Sheriff's Department and then even admitted that it was because opposed their ridiculous gun measures.

Republican Senator Bill Stanley proposed the raise for the Sheriff’s Department and was approached by the State Senate Majority Leader Saslaw and told exactly why his proposal was denied by every Dem present.

Sen. Stanley said the following on his Facebook page:

“Tonight (just now) on the Senate floor, I tried to amend the state budget to give all of our men and women of Virginia’s Sheriffs’ Departments a 3% raise for this year. It was defeated, with all democrats voting “no.” When I went to get a vote count from the clerk, Majority Leader Dick Saslaw came up and said this to me: “Hey Stanley, you want to know why your sheriffs didn’t get a raise? —because they came to our committees and said that they weren’t going to enforce our laws.” When I asked him which law was he talking about, he said “gun control”.

I was shocked that the Democrats are now punishing our local Sheriff’s Departments (by eliminating a pay raise for them), for the their choice to protect and defend our citizens’ Second Amendment rights. Democrats want to restrict a citizen’s right to protect themselves, but won’t pay our sheriffs’ deputies to protect Virginians. Hypocrisy has a name.”

Tonight (just now) on the Senate floor, I tried to amend the state budget to give all of our men and women of Virginia’s…

Posted by Senator Bill Stanley on Thursday, February 20, 2020

“In response, Saslaw admitted that Stanley is telling the truth about their exchange.

“He didn’t lie … I said it,” Saslaw told WTVR-TV. “All I said was a lot of people are upset that these people come in and say they’re not going to enforce our laws. That’s all.”

Ultimately, the state Senate approved only a one-time bonus of $200 for Virginia sheriff department employees, WTOP-TV reported. The state House, however, has approved a pay raise.”

So now the State Government is snubbing the Sheriff’s Department for protecting the Second Amendment.  Aren’t they supposed to be protecting the rights of their constituents? Seems like they have forgotten their place. Citizens of Virginia need to get out and vote next chance they get and remove some of these enemies of the people.

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