Violent Trump-Hater Bites Female MMA Fighter Who Takes Her Down at Rally (VIDEO)

During a flag-waving rally on Veterans Day held by a group of patriots in Portland, a maniac woman attacked not one but two women.

After she attacked the first woman, MMA fighter Tara LaRosa, who was part of the rally, confronted the woman.

LaRosa, being a skilled fighter, pinned the attacker down to the ground to wait for police to arrive and arrest the woman. While she was holding her down, the woman bit LaRosa on her chest which left an open wound. She had to have bitten her extremely hard because it went through her bra, shirt, and hoodie.

According to Fox News,

LaRosa got in between two separate women getting physical with each other. She can be heard on video screaming at them to “break it up.” She then engages the woman who had been in a scuffle with the flag-waving demonstrators. LaRosa pinned herself on top of the woman.

“You’re antagonizing the city I live in,” the woman, who identified herself as a professor, told LaRosa. “Just let me breathe.”

LaRosa replied: “No, we’re not, we’re doing a flag wave. We’re not trying to fight.”

LaRosa had accused the woman of provoking the people who were waving flags. But the woman denied ever doing what LaRosa alleged. Another man can be heard in the background of the video, saying “How do you like the Proud Boys now?”

The brainwashed woman shouted, "You don't know what Donald Trump is! I don't agree with Trump!"

But we do know who he is. He's a man for the people, he was elected by a majority vote and has made this country much better than it's been in decades. She has no business talking bad about him anyway. She just needs to take a look in the mirror, because she is the one interrupting a peaceful flag-waving rally to bite people.

Andy Ngo tweeted the following with the video of the incident, "At flag-waving rally in Portland, @TaraLaRosa says she had to take anti-Trump protester to the ground after the woman allegedly attacked another woman. The group detained the self-described professor until police came. LaRosa says the woman bit her chest, causing an open wound."