VIDEO: YouTube Star Goes Undercover At Protest and Exposes The Violent Troublemakers

Some of you may have heard of Joey Salads. He’s a YouTuber who has quite a large fan base.

Joey recently went undercover at a protest in LA to try and figure out how all of the protests are turning into riots and better understand what’s going on.

“I went undercover because I wanted to understand, what makes these protesters turn into riots. Who is the instigator and who are the people enabling the looting and rioting? And we found out exactly the source of the problem.”

Joey “bloc’d up” (meaning that he got dressed up in the all black attire like Antifa does) and joined the protest and videoed most of it.

He added, “Walking around I saw multiple people with metal bats hanging out of their backpacks, hatchets in their back pocket, and spray paint in their jacket.”

Then he goes on to describe one instance in which one of the individuals who was walking around with a hatchet got arrested and people saw just a small portion of a video from someone else where they were defending the man with the hatchet saying that he didn’t do anything wrong. Well, Joey actually had video of him swinging around the hatchet and this is why he was arrested.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

He points out the people who were being peaceful, and those who wanted to loot and fight with police. Some scenes get a little tense as the video shows, with the infighting amongst the protesters and a few people getting in his face.

Salads also praises the protesters who helped to keep the peace, who stood up to the looters who wanted to take advantage of the chaos and those who wanted to cause trouble with the police. He has a good chat with one of the guys who repeatedly worked to keep the peace. Some of the other protesters wanted to fight the ones calling for peace.

His conclusion is that there are three main groups attending these protests/riots.

First, there are the honest, peaceful protesters who actually want to enact change.

Then you have the violent protesters who want a hostile revolution.

And finally, there are the opportunists who prey on the situation to loot and incite violence.

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