Video Shows 15-Year-Old Boy With No Arms Or Legs Tackled and Put in Headlock by Officer

Once again we're faced with another disturbing video of a police officer going on a power trip and thinking that he can do or say whatever he wants.

In a video that was filmed by a boy in a group home, a Tuscon police officer is seen tackling a 15-year-old boy with no arms or legs, pinning him down the ground, and placing him in a headlock.

The officer was there for a call that was made about the boy because he had "kicked" over a garbage can and was threatening one of the workers in the home. The boy comes from a very troubling situation in which he was abandoned by his family, so honestly, I do have sympathy for the boy and am not surprised that he's lashing out.

After speaking with the boy, he decided to restrain him. I'm not really sure why he felt it was necessary to restrain someone with no arms or legs, and what his plans were for detaining him.

However he arrived at his decison was a poor process because things went terribly. The officer can be seen in the video kneeling down to the boy and putting him in a headlock.

He also tells the boy who is filming the whole encounter to "shut the hell up" and go to his room.

According to the Washington Post,

At the video’s start, a white deputy in wraparound sunglasses can be seen kneeling on the ground and holding the black teenager in a headlock. Immanuel grows increasingly upset, his voice rising to a frantic shriek as he tells the officer not to hold him down.

When the deputy loosens his grip, Immanuel tries to shake him off and break free, but he doesn’t get far. The officer tackles him, wrapping his arms around the teenager and practically lying on top of him as he wrestles him to the floor. An uncomfortable minute passes as the quadruple amputee swears and screams at the deputy, who uses one forearm to hold him pressed to the ground.

Eventually, Immanuel stops protesting and the officer lets him get up, asking him what his problem is, and why he kept moving when he was told not to move. As the 15-year-old insists he doesn’t have a problem, the cop gets louder, bending over so that his face is inches away from the teenager’s.

You can see the full video below.