VIDEO: Proof Nancy Pelosi is Getting Senile, Watch Her Ignore Logic On Live TV

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been losing her mind over the last few year and it's becoming more and more evident each time she speaks publicly.

Practically every time she starts talking she's stumbling over her words or forgets how logic actually works to the point that she almost resembles someone with Alzheimer's Disease.

After a special election in North Carolina, Pelosi claimed that Democrat Dan McCready won the election when in all reality, Dan Bishop is the candidate who came out on top.

President Trump helped rally for Dan Bishop which likely gave him the boost that he needed to get him out on top by two percent to defeat McCready. McCready even had a two-year head start in the election and a lot more money, but the people of North Carolina showed that they can't be bought.

This once again shows that Americans really are against Democrats, especially since they've moved so far left in their "progressive" ideas. It's like they're having a contest to see who can be more ridiculous and Stalinesque in their political views.

Pelosi said,

"I'm very proud of Dan McCready. He's a great patriot. He's an independent voice for the district that he would have represented. It's too bad he's not coming here. But he did a great job. Actually he came out 10 points higher than our president — last three presidential — [coughs] — excuse me — candidates. So he won the campaign; he didn't win the election, but he won the campaign."

Does that even make any sense to you? How does someone win a campaign but lose the election? He was the only person in his campaign so of course he won that. Pelosi just isn't making any sense.

This isn't rocket science. It's really easy to figure out. You don't lose an election and win a campaign.

Watch her make a fool of herself below: