Coronavirus-Related Deaths

US Records Lowest Daily Total of Coronavirus-Related Deaths in Two Weeks

Monday marked the lowest daily total of coronavirus-related deaths in the United States in two weeks. According to Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. lost 1,433 people on April 20th, just two days after there were 4,591 deaths in a single day.

The overall total of coronavirus-related deaths is 42,364.

A look at the statistics shows that almost 93 percent of the U.S. coronavirus-related deaths have happened in the last three weeks. After several sharp spikes in the last week, the numbers are finally slowing down. The death totals for each day has dropped by an average of 600 fewer deaths than the day that preceded it.

The U.S. has the most COVID-19 cases and deaths. That is, if you believe China is giving accurate statistics, which most have concluded they are not.

Hopefully, the curve has been flattened and we can get back to work.

In the beginning, wasn’t it agreed that when we flatten the curve we would get back to work? Now that we have done that, it’s now we have to test everyone. Then after that, it will be a vaccine.

A large portion of the population is already out in the public, dealing with it every day. If gas station attendants, grocery store cashiers and service industry employees can face the public all day, those of us who work in offices will be able to maintain social distancing much easier while working.

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