Twitter Suspends Another High Profile Conservative Account After Criticizing Bernie Sanders Campaign

Over the last few years, we've seen social media giants like Facebook and Twitter discriminating against conservatives by censoring and suspending the accounts of numerous conservatives.

It's been even more frequent in these last few months since more conservatives are becoming vocal about the coming election.

Twitter suspended the account of James O'Keefe from Project Veritas after he tweeting about the Bernie Sanders campaign.

O’Keefe tweeted: “RETRACTION REQUEST, @daveweigel of @washingtonpost. The subjects featured in #Expose2020 are not ‘Sanders volunteers’ Both Kyle Jurek and Martin Weissgerber are STILL paid employees of the @BernieSanders campaign. Kindly retract another factually inaccurate bit of reporting.”

According to Twitter, O’Keefe violated the company’s rule about “posting private information,” stating: “You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission.”

However, the information that O'Keefe releases wasn't even private information. He even included a screenshot of a publicly available document showing what Jurek was paid.

But it's not even just Jurek, it seems like all of the campaign staffers hold to this sort of mentality.

Mason Baird, another field organizer for Bernie said this:

“I’ve canvassed with someone who’s an anarchist, and with someone who’s a Marxist-Leninist. So, we attract radical, truly radical people in the campaign … obviously that’s not outward-facing.”

“A lot of those people who do that kind of work, are … their politics fall well outside of the American sort of norm. So, they’re Marxist-Leninist, they’re anarchists, they’re these types of folks, and um, and they have more of a mind for direct action, for engaging in politics outside of the electoral system.”

“A lot of the stories we’re told in the United States about, you know, the gulags and the persecution of the Kulaks and things like that are exaggerated … we certainly don’t have, uh, a straight perspective on that stuff here in America.”

“We would need a federal government and a labor movement that is working together to strip power away from capitalists and preferably directing that violence towards property.”

“It would, it’s gonna take, you know, it’s gonna take militancy … like a militant labor movement that’s willing to … strike, and if necessary, you know, just destroy property and things like that.”

“… after we abolish landlords, we don’t have to kill them …”

“… once we break up Google, YouTube, Facebook,  nationalize these things, then that would be a huge thing forward so far as education stuff goes.”

Another filed organizer, Daniel Taylor said:

“We don’t want to scare people off, you first have to feel it out before you get into the crazy stuff … You know we were talking about more extreme organizations like Antifa, you were talking about, Yellow Vests, all that but we’re kinda keeping that on the back-burner for now.”

“We have all this momentum, where do we go, regardless of the outcome, after it’s all over? Change won’t come easily, regardless. Even if Bernie is elected, change will not come swiftly or easily, so the connections we make now in the campaign with people, and volunteers, it’s important we retain that regardless of the outcome. It’s unfortunate that we have to make plans for extreme action but like I said, they’re not going to give it to us even if Bernie is elected.”