Tucker Carlson Shows the Disgusting Reality of San Francisco – It'll Make Your Blood Boil

The California city of San Francisco has become the armpit of America.

Actually, I take that back, San Francisco has become the b***hole of America.

From the human excrement to the homelessness, to the mass amount of needles that can be found on the street, this is definitely no longer an enjoyable place to visit, much less live. The city is so riddled with crime that the police have all but given up on trying to prosecute criminals, because laws enacted by the government of California has basically put a huge limitation on what they can actually do now.

Tucker Carlson recently aired a video showing just how bad things are in the Golden Gate City:

Carlson said, “The reality of that city we discovered when we spent time there is even worse than you may have heard. Civilization itself is coming apart in San Francisco right there in broad daylight on the city sidewalks, which are littered with junkies and feces and dirty needles.”

In the video, Lieutenant Tracy McCray of the San Francisco Police Department was asked questions on how certain crimes would be handled if they are committed in San Fran:

"If I went into a store and stole a Playstation what would happen?"

McCray: "If it's under $950 you get a citation."

"If I smoke crack on the street what would happen?"

McCray: "Citation."

He goes on to ask a number of other questions as well that will just make your blood boil.

According to The Daily Caller,

A report from April 2019 documented 118,352 reported instances of human fecal matter found on San Francisco streets since 2011. The city deployed a “poop patrol” in 2018 to deal with the problem.

In an interview for the segment, San Francisco police Lt. Tracy McCray blames city prosecutors for the rising crime and chaos in the city.

“They make the decision whether [criminal cases] will get charged or not and most of the time, it’s like ‘nope, not charged. Nope, not charged,'” McCray told Fox News.

The outlet claims that the FBI rates San Francisco with the highest per-capita rate of property crime for the most populous cities in the U.S. and violent crime has increased by more than 200% on the city’s mass transit.

“Our car windows got busted,” McCray said. “I didn’t bother making a report.”