Trump’s Potential Successor Starts 2024 Campaigning Before 2020 Is Even Decided

With so much going on in Washington D.C. right now, everyone is watching everyone's move. Those who are closest to the top are doing what they can to remain there.

Republicans are looking to stay in good graces, while Democrats are fighting for their lives.

Yes, the Republicans have the White House and control the Senate, they even came out of the impeachment trial unscathed, but all of this success hasn't come without its own challenges.

With the GOP fully expecting Trump to handily win the general election in 2020, it appears as though the Republican machine is already gearing up to anoint his successor.

President Donald Trump’s bid for a second term in office is giving Vice President Mike Pence an early edge in the race that’s already shaping up for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Pence has lately been a mainstay at Trump’s signature campaign rallies, seldom missing the opportunity to introduce the president while test-driving a few crowd-pleasing lines of his own. The vice president has his own political action committee and has been steadily expanding his travel as a surrogate for Trump, with a particular focus on Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

He’s scheduled to embark on a bus tour through Michigan on Tuesday without the president, who’s in India. It will include a speech to supporters in a hotel ballroom — a sort of mini-rally.

People in and around the White House believe it’s a foregone conclusion that Pence will seek to succeed Trump. But he hasn’t firmly decided, and his nomination, let alone his election, are much less certain.

I think Mike Pence would be a phenomenal choice for the presidency and I believe that he can learn a lot about how to win a campaign from the man who wrote the book on winning. But for now, let's sit back and enjoy the ride on the Trump train.

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