Trump’s New Announcement Sends Liberals Into A Panic

Prepare yourselves for the media storm that is about to be unleashed against President Trump, because he announced that he's ready to get back on the road and start campaigning again. The rallies may be outdoor rallies, but they will be rallies nonetheless.

This is fantastic news for so many reasons. The media is going to get stirred up and panic once all the support for President Trump is seen once again.

On top of that, President Trump on the campaign trail is unstoppable. This would also mean that former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden has to leave his basement and actually interact with people again, making himself look like a fool some more.

NPR has already started the great hypocrisy, below is a great side by side comparison the media supporting large protests for BLM despite the coronavirus and their criticisms of the President hitting the campaign trail. The side by side posts are 48 hours apart.

There is little doubt that Democrat swing state governors where the Trump campaign would like to have some of these rallies are going to try and stop the rallies highlighting the great hypocrisy. All swing-state Democrat governors have gone on the record endorsing those protesting the death of George Floyd. They will look like fools similar to the White House Press core last week when they got upset during a press conference outside when the chairs were moved closer together.

If Democrat governors are smart they will stay silent and let the President campaign but Governors like Gretchen Whitmer won’t be able to keep their mouths shut. The optics will be an epic double standard.

Democrats know that this isn't good for their side. They can't compete and once the President starts his campaign trail once again as the pandemic is dying out, Biden will be demolished. No one will show up to his rallies and I can't wait to see what happens during the debates.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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