Trump Uncovers $5 Billion STOLEN by Elizabeth Warren…Where She Spent It Will Have You Furious

President Trump made a promise to fight corruption and to work toward draining the swamp. This is a promise that he has kept and is continuing to work toward this goal.

Unless we end the mass corruption from the Democrats in Washington, we'll have a very difficult time winning as conservatives in the future.

But what President Trump just uncovered is big deal and this time the culprit is none other than Democratic presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren.

Warren has been using billions of taxpayer dollars to fund radical left organizations.

Warren created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as an organization to pass down financial regulations to banks and lenders that they felt needed some disciplinary action. This would come with fines, but what exactly has that money been spent on?

It looks as though Warren has been using the funds to contribute towards far-left political organizations.

According to the Independent Minute,

President Trump has finally become privy through the appointment of his own counsel that Elizabeth Warren funneled money to the tune of $ 5 BILLION directly into the hands of purely left organizations displaying an obvious and illegal favoritism for democrats when banking profits are to be handed down to the entire country, not just the left side.

The House Financial Services Committee learned that the agency regularly held what amounted to secret meetings with Democrat operatives, trial layers, representatives of radical leftist organizations and so-called “community advisors” that deliberately excluded business executives and industry experts.

So far we have discovered the CFPB may have funneled as much as $5 billion of the penalties they levied against legitimate business entities to Obama’s network of community organizers, the same group of activists Elizabeth Warren had been counting on to carry her message of open borders, amnesty, white privilege, and a whole host of social justice issues that would distract from her Marxist policies.

Photo Credit: Lorie Shaull