Trump Supporter Calls Out Jerry Nadler Leaving Him Speechless

During the impeachment hearing with the House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Jerry Nadler got called out by a Trump supporter while he was getting on an elevator.

As Nadler boarded the elevator the man told Nadler off and left him without anything to say. Probably because he knew he was right.

The man, who goes by the name Ben Bergquam on Twitter yelled out to Nadler saying, “Shame on you, Chairman Nadler! Shame on you! You’ve broken your oath, but you know what? Keep doin it!”.

“Keep doing it because the American people see through it — it’s gonna work in President Trump’s favor. Keep it up! Keep it up!”

Nadler was obviously frustrated and tried to close the elevator, but it kept opening back up which only gave the man more time to call him out.

“Shame on you, sir! Trump 2020! Trump 2020! Trump 2020! God Bless America!” the man shouted.

“Shame on you, sir! You will be exposed for your treason!”

Everything the Trump supporter was saying though is accurate. The Democrats really are committing treason with this sad excuse for an impeachment.

Take a moment and really consider everything.

Democrats started this charade by proclaiming that they were going to impeach the President minutes after taking office.

Truth be told, the treason started before that even when Hillary Clinton and the DNC colluded with the FBI to create the Steele Dossier which was comprised of fabricated evidence that gave precedent to apply for the FISA applications in order for them to surveil the Trump campaign in 2016.

When this failed they moved on continually until they felt like they had something halfway decent. Now they have two articles of impeachment but they are garbage and are not going to go anywhere except for the trash can.

All this is going to do is strengthen the conservative base.