Top Liberal Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Blows the Lid Off Democrats' Impeachment Case "…It Would Be Void"

Democrats have been scrambling to grab at anything they can with the impeachment inquiry. Now the Dems are trying to issue articles of impeachment, but would it really be constitutional to impeach him for those articles? Law professor Alan Dershowitz says absolutely not!

Alan Dershowitz had a talk with Mark Levin on his show to talk about Trump and the impeachment case. Levin wasted no time in getting right to the matter, "Should President Trump be impeached?"

"It would be unconstitutional for President Trump to be impeached on the current record. It would be an utter abuse of the power of Congress. The constitution sets out 4 criteria for impeaching a President, treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Unless one of those criteria is met, Congress does not have the authority to impeach and if they do their impeachment would be void. Alexander Hamilton said, "Any act of Congress that is inconsistent with the Constitution is void. Now Congress maybe can get away with impeaching because there won't be judicial review, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't be violating their oath of office. They would be abusing their power if they impeach President Trump on this record."

Mark Levin asked Dershowitz what the meaning of bribery is legally speaking and here was his response,

"It can't operate when you're the president of the United States and you're conditioning or withholding money in order to make sure that a country isn't corrupt and you're asking them to investigate."

That just doesn't fit any definition of bribery — common law definition of bribery, statutory definition of bribery — however you define the constitutional word 'bribery.' It just doesn't fit."

They have Trump in their sights. They want to figure out a way of impeaching him and they're searching for a crime.

"First, they came up with abuse of power — not a crime — it's not in the Constitution. So now they're saying 'bribery,' but they're making it up. There is no case for bribery based on, even if all the allegations against the president were to be proved, which they haven't been, but even if they were to be proved it would not constitute the impeachable offense of bribery. "

Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem