Tony Dungy Responds to Critics After Backing DeSantis' Fatherhood Bill: 'Obama Said the Same Things Almost Verbatim'

NFL star player and coach Tony Dungy has always carried himself admirably and led by example, wherever he goes. Despite this, the left didn't hesitate to attack him for appearing with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Dungy appeared at a news conference where DeSantis announced the state was putting up $70 million in its “Responsible Fatherhood” program to fund programs in which community-based agencies work with men who have drifted away from their children and families to reconnect, find work and support their children financially and emotionally.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts head coach is involved with the pro-fatherhood program called All Pro Dad. At the event, he spoke about the importance fathers play in the lives of children.

“I had a dad who was around me all the time and supported me, and I thought everyone was like that,” he said, per WUSF-FM. “Then I got to my job, and the National Football League started interviewing our players, and I began to understand not everyone had that same blessing that I had.”

Dungy responded to the criticism by pointing out that former President Barack Obama said the same things almost verbatim 14 years ago.

Coach Dungy is right. There are no picking sides when it comes to being a father. No matter which political party you are affiliated with, this should not be a question.