Tim Allen Jokes About 'Social Distancing Champion' From His Show 'Home Improvement'

Comedian Tim Allen made light of the coronavirus when he referenced the "social distancing champion" from his hit sitcom "Home Improvement."

If you're familiar with his show then you probably remember who he is talking about. The conservative star referenced his neighbor "Wilson" who was played by Richard Hindman on the show from 1991 to 1999. He was the Tool Man's wise neighbor who often shed light on tough situations. Wilson never showed the bottom of his face as it was hidden by the bottom of his face. On the final episode he finally showed it when he blew a kiss to the audience.

Allen shared an image of Wilson on Twitter, accompanied by the caption "Social Distancing Champion 1991-1999."

"My dear old friend," Allen tweeted.

The tweet went viral with over 87,000 likes. Fans pointed out that Wilson would have no issue transitioning into the social distancing guidelines that are in place to slow down the COVID-19 spread.

This tweet came just a couple weeks after Allen celebrated 22 years of sobriety.

Congratulations to Tim Allen on his celebrity and also the success of not only "Home Improvement" but also "Last Man Standing."

If you've never seen "Last Man Standing" then you're missing out on seeing Allen put his political views on full display.

Allen is the very rare breed of Hollywood Conservative which opens up a whole new fanbase for him. No matter what your political ideology there's no denying the humor and success of Tim Allen.

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