THROWBACK: Backstage Footage of 2016 When Hillary Clinton Thought She Had Already Won the White House

Do you think Hillary Clinton ever goes back and watches videos like these? She was so sure she was set to take over the White House in 2016. Then, this thing happened.

This footage goes backstage for the hype fest that was the DNC celebration of Hillary Clinton.

Everyone was hyping this up as her big moment. The celebration before she became president. Everyone was so sure she had it in the bag and they were so wrong.

Check it out:

No matter where you stand politically, Election Day in 2016 was a crazy day. It was especially crazy for Hillary because she had no clue she was about to lose.

They all walked around with the same type of delusion that they do now.

This video makes you wonder what could be in store for 2020. You would think they would have learned from that. Instead, they are trotting out Creepy Joe Biden, who most of the time has no idea what is going on.

Could Hillary emerge and step back into the fold? Time will tell.

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