The Real Reason Democrats Are DESPERATE To Impeach President Trump

It's quite clear that the Democrats are deathly afraid of President Trump.

He made a promise before he was President that he would drain the swamp of the corrupt politicians and he's been holding to that promise quite well.

That's what this whole impeachment garbage from the House Dems is about. But unfortunately for them, this is all only going to help the President's mission in getting rid of corrupt politicians, especially those like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Jerry Nadler, and others.

When the IG report was released it had become clear that the rules of evidence were completely ignored by those involved in the coup against President Trump.

When the Mueller Report came out showing that there was no evidence of collusion with Russia, the Democrats knew they had to try and find something else quickly; so they moved on to the next thing, and then another thing, and now they've arrived at where we are today with the bogus story they are telling themselves about the Ukraine call even though the evidence clearly points in the other direction. But they're desperate to get rid of the President before their secrets are put out in the open.

Mueller obviously ignored what was obviously in front of him, and James Comey before him. How could they ignore the thousands of emails being intentionally wiped from the servers? And then to try and blame it on Russia because all the tell-tell signs were there?

John McAfee said that this evidence reflects pure ignorance.

John McAfee said, “If the CIA wanted to hack Russia the things you would not do is you would not include the English language in your software because that would then exclude everybody except English-speaking nations.

You would certainly not use a keyboard that everybody knows that the CIA uses whatever keyboard they use. You would have them use a Chinese keyboard or something else.

You would certainly remove the date and time stamp from the program so that you couldn’t tell what business hours of what [time] zone you were in when it was compiled.

And that before, you would absolutely not have an IP address that points to you.”