The Pentagon Destroys ABC’s News FAKE NEWS Story To Smear President Trump

Last week, ABC News published a story that claimed an intelligence report warned of the coronavirus all the way back in November.

The article was put out by Josh Margolin and James Gordon Meek in an attempt to smear the President and his response to the virus.

Their“report” claims US intelligence officials warned the administration that a “contagion” was spreading quickly through Wuhan, China and the surrounding region and was posing a threat to the population of China and could come here to the U.S.

Margolin and Meek cite “two officials familiar with the document’s contents” as the source of this explosive allegation. Two anonymous sources.

But the problem with stories like this is that those who want it to be true start repeating it as if it has been proven to be true. Rabid anti-Trumper Bill Kristol tweeted, “From that warning in November, the sources described repeated briefings through December…All of that culminated with a detailed explanation of the problem that appeared in the President’s Daily Brief of intelligence matters in early January…”

Likewise, Joe Scarborough who is on a personal mission to destroy the President tweeted, “The White House was warned repeatedly in November & December 2019 that the US military’s National Center for Medical Intelligence concluded the outbreak in China could be a “cataclysmic event.”…”I would view it as something that surprised the whole world.” ~Trump, 3/19/20

However, that news is completely bogus and the Director of DIA’s National Center for Medical Intelligence issued a statement dismissing it, “As a matter of practice the National Center for Medical Intelligence does not comment publicly on specific intelligence matters. However, in the interest of transparency during this current public health crisis, we can confirm that media reporting about the existence/release of a National Center for Medical Intelligence Coronavirus-related product/assessment in November of 2019 is not correct. No such NCMI product exists.”


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