The Epstein Cover Up: Read What Someone Claiming To Be A Guard Said Hours After His "Death"

By now you've probably seen or shared one of the hundreds of memes floating around on the internet. "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself".

There's good reason for it. Everything about the situation is suspicious from all of the cameras not working, both guards being asleep at the same time, the autopsy that shows broken bones, the practical impossibility of Epstein being able to hang himself from 3 feet off the ground. It's all such a hoax.

Epstein had supposedly already attempted to commit suicide not long after he was put into prison. Because of that, he was put on a suicide watch. When they put a person on suicide watch, they remove almost everything out of the room. Even the bedsheets they are given are so weak so that they won't support a person's weight if they attempt suicide.

A user on 4chan who claims to be one of the guards at the jail where Epstein was being held, said there was definitely something odd going on.

"Not saying anything after this pls do not try to dox me but last night after 0415 count they took him medical in a wheelchair front cuffed but not 1 triage nurse says they spoke to him. Next thing we know a trip van shows up? We do not do releases on the weekends unless a judge orders it. Next thing we know, he's put in a single man cell and hangs himself? Heres the thing, the trip van did NOT sign in and we did not record the plate number and a guy in a green dress military outfit was in the back of the van according to the tower guy who let him thru the gate. You guys i am shaking right now but i think they switched him out."

Is this all a scheme to hide Epstein because so many people were trying to kill him? Maybe they faked his death to get him moved to a safe house somewhere so he can start working with the authorities to catch some of the bigger names such as Bill Clinton and maybe bigger?