Thanks Brandon! Diesel Prices Soar – Up 75%

The price of diesel is soaring, and we have one man to thank for that.

Unfortunately, the price of diesel affects everyone whether they realize it or not. Both farmers and truckers use the fuel to supply our country with the food and products that we need.

If the price of diesel is up, so is the price of food and home necessities…and diesel is up a whopping 75 percent since last year.

Right now the national average for a gallon of diesel fuel is  $5.61, according to the American Automobile Association’s (AAA) report.

Fox Business reports that "prices are even steeper in the Northeast region because it has fewer refineries than the rest of the country: In New York, for instance, prices are as high as $6.51 per gallon – a stunning 102 percent increase from one year ago."

Wowzers. Talk about painful.

White House officials have readied an emergency declaration that would allow President Biden to release diesel from the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve in order to deal with short-term supply shortfalls if conditions further deteriorate.

The Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve, which was created in 2005, consists of about 1 million barrels of diesel, roughly a day’s worth of supply in the region. The reserve has only been tapped once before, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The White House official said the Biden team understands tapping the reserve may not substantially reduce diesel prices, but could prevent spot outages that would be “highly disruptive to families and businesses.”

Instead of tapping our reserves, why not open the pipelines and allow the drilling to resume?? That would quite literally fix almost all our problems right now.

Things are not looking up for our nation right now. I would much rather have mean tweets and a booming economy than to be struggling with the vegetable currently residing in the White House.