Telemundo Caught Slipping Chinese Propaganda Into Coronavirus Coverage [Video]

The country's leading Spanish network is just as hell-bent on pushing the liberal narrative about the coronavirus as the liberals and the mainstream media are.

During a recent broadcast about the coronavirus outbreak, reporters made sure to drop in some of China’s recent claims that the virus was brought to China by the US military and that this whole thing is our fault.

This was repeated not just in one transmission, but three completely separate reports. It’s interesting how they all failed to mention that China wasn’t reporting accurate numbers on the virus. The same virus that they have been battling since December of last year, might I add.

Here is the translated transcript

JOSÉ DÍAZ-BALART: “Cristina, the president also created controversy by calling it the “Chinese virus”.”

CRISTINA LONDOÑO: “José, he no longer calls it “coronavirus”. He calls it the “Chinese virus”. Many people have told him that that’s a racist remark that could spawn hatred. He insists that this is not the case, that it comes from over there, and points out that it was Chinese officials who said several days ago that the virus was brought to that country by the U.S. military.”

In another segment:

ROGELIO MORA-TAGLE: “The Trump Administration has also been asked to take measures similar to those taken in China: to build new hospitals exclusively for treatment of COVID-19 patients, a measure that, per the World Health Organization, helped the Asian nation save many lives. Hospitals in the United States are on the verge of facing a crisis that is only similar to those during times of war.”

NICOLE SUÁREZ: “Meanwhile, China reports no new cases within Hubei Province, where the outbreak began. National authorities indicated that the cases therein are those of persons who came from abroad, and although this doesn’t mean that China is free from the virus, it does show that their epidemic containment strategy has worked. “

According to The Atlantic,

The evidence of China’s deliberate cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan is a matter of public record. In suppressing information about the virus, doing little to contain it, and allowing it to spread unchecked in the crucial early days and weeks, the regime imperiled not only its own country and its own citizens but also the more than 100 nations now facing their own potentially devastating outbreaks. More perniciously, the Chinese government censored and detained those brave doctors and whistleblowers who attempted to sound the alarm and warn their fellow citizens when they understood the gravity of what was to come.

Photo Credit: Kenneth Lu