Ted Cruz Urges AG Barr to Open Criminal Investigation Against Social Media Giant After Violating Federal Law

Social media is under attack by Congress and to be honest, they deserve it.

They're now being called out by the Senate and being accused of violating U.S. sanctions against the country of Iran.

The problem comes as Twitter allows both Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to hold accounts on their platform. Senator Ted Cruz says that this violates the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

In fact, Sen. Cruz and some others are calling for a criminal investigation into the social media giant.

Sen. Cruz along with other Senators including Tom Cotton, Marsha Blackburn, and Marco Rubio sent a letter to Jack Dorsey who is the CEO of Twitter which explained that they are not exempt from the having to abide by the sanctions on Iran which include a prohibition of providing goods or services to the country's top officials.

“The Ayatollah and any American companies providing him assistance are entirely subject to U.S. Sanction laws,” the letter to Dorsey said. “A Twitter account is a service.”

Cruz further said that the Iranian government does not allow its citizens to access Twitter and that its leaders' accounts are used only to “propagandize to the world.”

Twitter responded to the senators' warnings in a letter that said the platform was a tool of communication and therefore was “broadly exempted” from the Office of Foreign Assets Control sanction laws.

“Fundamental values of openness, free expression, public accountability, and mutual understanding matter now more than ever,” a Twitter spokesperson said in the return letter.

“Regardless of the political agenda of a particular nation state, to deny our service to their leaders at a time like this would be antithetical to the purpose of our company, which is to serve the global public conversation.”

Twitter made a huge mistake by censoring the President. Now they've drawn unwanted attention to themselves and they're going to pay for it.

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