STUNNING! New York Doctor Has Cured 350 Patients with Coronavirus at 100% Success Rate, Others Warn Against Remedy

A New York doctor seems to be having some very promising results so far with his patients that he’s been treating for the coronavirus.

Dr. Vladmir Zelenko has been treating his patients with the drug that the President has been talking about, hydroxychloroquine along with zinc.

Of the 350 patients that he’s treated with this, every single one of them have recovered and not even one of them had to go to the hospital, get put on a ventilator. Given the statistics we’ve been seeing, there should have been at least a dozen who had problems and possibly even a death, but none of that happened. He has had a 100% success rate.

Some people aren’t so confident about Dr. Zelenko’s claims.

I don’t know either way, but I don’t think he would be lying about this.

Others are cautiously optimistic about the treatment.  On Sean Hannity’s show, he brought in two medical experts to discuss the treatment and while they’re hopeful for using hydroxychloroquine, one of the doctors said that he’s more hopeful about other treatments that was used against SARS in 2003. It may not pose as much risk as the hydroxychloroquine does either.

In an interview with Vice President Mike Pence, Hannity dramatically held up a letter from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a family practitioner from Monroe, New York who claims to have achieved a 100 percent success rate in preventing hospitalization for 500 coronavirus patients using a combination of three different drugs. Hannity had interviewed Zelenko about these claims on his radio show earlier on Monday.

However, Hannity did not mention on air that another of Dr. Zelenko’s claims was debunked by a county public health official just last week, after the doctor posted an “unsubstantiated and irresponsible” Facebook video that predicted — based on positive results from a mere nine out of 14 tests — the a massive outbreak of the disease would hit the Hasidic village of Kiryas Joel. Zelenko did not respond to press inquiries seeking comment on the story.

Also of note: As of last Thursday, Orange County, where both Kiryas Joel and Monroe are located, had officially reported a total of 68 positive cases of coronavirus. Zelenko, however, claims that he has treated 350 coronavirus patients from Kiryas Joel alone and nearly 150 more from nearby areas. Despite these red flags, Hannity read off the exact dosage and treatment durations that Zelenko claims has stopped the disease in his conversation with the head of the nation’s coronavirus task force, Vice President Mike Pence.


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