Students Give Ridiculous Answers to Basic Citizenship Test Questions

In the world we live in today, people are progressively getting dumber and dumber. There are a number of factors that have attributed to that.

Public schooling is a large part of it because they have disincentivized teachers from actually doing a good job. Instead, once they work for a certain amount of years they basically can't be fired because of tenure.

Along with that, you have a massive distortion of reality where people just teach opinions now and not the truth.

Another major factor in the dumbing down of America is the mainstream media, especially from outlets like CNN who purposefully feed people lies and because liberals are so dumb already, they just accept it as truth without ever even considering challenging the idea. People have this false perception that just because someone is in an authority position about any given topic, they are automatically right.

To prove how dumb Americans have become, one student went out to a college campus asking the students there basic questions about America's past. Things that they should know and things that are on the citizenship test.

Some of the questions he asked the students were:

Do you know who the United States declared its independence from?

Do you know what year?

Do you know who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

Do you know who we fought in the war of 1812?

Can you tell me how many Supreme Court justices we have?


These are all very basic questions and I could answer them all immediately. It's sad that people have forgotten their past so quickly. You know what they say, if you fail to learn from your past you're doomed to repeat it.

Not only are they failing to learn from the past, but they're also failing to even know what the past was.