Stu Varney from Fox News Has Surprising Prediction Who Will Win 2020 Democratic Nomination

I guess it's never too late to run for president, is it? Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn't seem to think so since he just jumped into the race just before the primary voting begins.

Bloomberg has unnerved the other Democrats with this move. Consider how much they've put into their campaigns and now Bloomberg comes along and disrupts everything. His strategy may be working though.

Fox News' Stu Varney gave his prediction that Bloomberg will actually be the nominee for the Democrats.

Varney said,

"I think this is a split party, I think Bloomberg is the nominee, and I think Trump wins big time in November."

"Think about what's happening to the Democrat party. You've got two candidates for the presidency who are socialists and along comes this man who is … the 11th richest person in the world … so you've got the socialists, going up against the billionaires. That is a totally divided party.

Money talks in politics, it really does. You can do a lot of damage or good for your side if you chuck a couple of hundred million dollars here or there — and that's exactly what Mike Bloomberg is going to do.

He's split the party. I think he's got a good chance of getting the nomination, I think he actually might get it — and at the end of the day, Trump wins."

There is no question about it. Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020. America supports him and the job that he's been doing. Everyone can see through this farce by the Democrats. I think Trump will actually win by a greater margin than he beat Hillary with.

Who his opponent will be, I'm not sure. Do I think it will be Michael Bloomberg? I highly doubt it. It will more than likely be Biden or Warren. But whoever it is, they don't stand a chance.