Stores Pulling This Popular Item From Shelves This Halloween Because They're "Racist"

You know that saying, "This is why we can't have nice things"? Well, here's an example for you as to why we can't have nice things. Nowadays everyone gets so offended so easily over the smallest things.

People (primarily liberals) are just trying to be offended over something. It's almost like a contest to see who can be the most offended.

So what's the most offensive thing this season? Well, it's none other than black jack-o-lanterns. Why black jack-o-lanterns? Because they're racist of course!

According to The Daily Wire,

The controversy over the “blackface” jack-o’-lanterns all began with a report by Westchester’s News 12, which looked into some local “complaints” about a Halloween display in front a law firm in Nyack.

News 12’s reports shows that the two black pumpkins with white painted-on faces were perched on a hay bail on the front step of the firm along with a regular pumpkin.

Though jack-o’-lanterns have long come in all colors, including black, News 12 reports that the two black ones “upset some community members.”

“The reaction from some community members led the Feerick, Nugent, MacCartney Law Offices to take the pumpkins down less than 48 hours after setting them out on the porch,” the outlet reports. How many people complained is unclear.

The partners in the law firm stressed that they meant no harm in putting out the two Halloween decorations.

One of the attorneys said, “We understand that someone complained about them, and so once we got word of that, we immediately took them down.” But my question is why? I'm offended that you took them down, so will you put them back up?

Look, nobody buys a black jack-o-lantern because it reminds them of blackface or black people or anything of that nature. It's a unique colored pumpkin to decorate with. I just went to a pumpkin patch yesterday and we bought white pumpkins and orange pumpkins. I saw some people buying green pumpkins and red pumpkins. There is nothing racist about colored items.