State GOP Group Fights Fire with Fire and Makes HUGE Demand from Democrats

The "Cancel Culture" has gone off the rails…completely.

I mean, there was nothing positive about it to begin with, all it is is a bunch of crybabies pretending to be offended by everything on the planet.

People have a victim mentality and it's absolutely despicable. How have people so easily forgotten how to brush stuff off? Honestly, it's more that they are purposefully looking to try and be offended by something, like it's going to accomplish something for them.

The GOP in Connecticut has apparently had enough of it and is going on the offensive by calling out the hypocrisy of the “inclusive” party.

The Connecticut GOP passed a resolution asserting the Democratic Party must change their name in light of the “hundreds of years of racial oppression, violence, and multiple violations of human rights” attributed to the party.

The group does not suggest what the new name should be, but instead focuses on listing the various failings attributed to the Democrats. The list includes:

  • Assigning responsibility for the Dred Scott decision
  • Secession and ultimately the Civil War
  • Blocking or unanimously voting against the 13th through 15th amendments to the U.S. Constitution
  • Jim Crow laws
  • The longest filibuster in the history of the Senate to block the civil rights’ act
  • Putting American citizens of Japanese decent in internment camps

This new resolution comes after the Democrats celebrated the removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus in Hartford, Connecticut.

The state GOP Chairman J.R. Romano said, “Democratic Parties around the country have been stripping buildings, monuments, and pictures from government halls, yet the atrocities rest with the Democratic Party as a whole. To kill the serpent you need to strike at the head.”

Specifically, regarding the Columbus statue, Romano added,

“If we are to hold Christopher Columbus accountable over 500 years after the fact, it is our duty and moral obligation to hold the Democratic Party accountable."

“As recently as 1977, Joe Biden sought the support of segregationists. Biden has publicly stated that ‘you ain’t black’ unless you support the Democratic Nominee. Statements like this bring back the ugly imaginary of political cartoons like ‘Of Course He wants to vote Democrat Ticket.’”

I doubt the Democrats will even blink twice at this. They don't care at all. Unless, there is a big uproar about it like there is with the word "wasp", it'll never happen.


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