SNL Has Another Winning…Mocking Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

Over recent years, Saturday Night Live has been the biggest anti-Trump media outlet outside of the MSM news outlets and maybe Jimmy Kimmel.

Every week and in most skits, they have not only poked fun at Trump, but displayed their hatred and intolerance of the man who holds the highest office in the land.

In recent months though, it seems that they have finally started to ease up a tiny bit and started taking jabs at the left as well.

In a recent skit, SNL decided to poke fun at everyone – Democrats, Republicans, and even Greta Thunberg.

In the skit, they show many families discussing politics, but when they get to one family in which Kenan Thompson plays the father in Atlanta, GA, he decided he'd rather talk about the new movie "Bad Boys III," with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence than politics.

The son then says, “Could we please talk about politics instead?”

“You mean how Trump is definitely getting impeached and then definitely getting re-elected? I’m good.” Kenan responds.

The son then tells his dad that people are saying that Trump won't win a second term.

The dad asks, “What people? White people? If white people tell you I might not vote for Trump this time, you know what that’s called, right? A lie. Nobody was gonna vote for Trump in 2016 either and then guess who did? Everybody. See, now you got me worked up. I need a drink.”

Toward the end of the skit, Kate McKinnon who plays Greta Thunberg in the skit interrupts to Sam the Snowman to deliver her “Christmas message."

“In 10 years, this snowman won’t exist. Her home will be a puddle. Santa, reindeer, the North Pole — all of it gone. The ice caps will melt and the elves will drown."

"Greta!" says the snowman shockingly.

“What? You said keep it light. So Merry Last Christmas to all,” says Greta.

“And, Donald Trump – step to me and I’ll come at you like a plastic straw comes to a turtle. I can’t believe I’m saying this to a 70-year-old man but grow up!”

H/T Daily Wire