SHOCKING: [Watch] Drag Queen Performs Gruesome Act While Sitting On A Bar

**WARNING: Before you proceed to scroll down any further, the video below contains extremely graphic violence (although simulated) which many will find disturbing.**

Liberals are dead set on their stance on abortion. They insist on how they are the victims of their circumstances and that they shouldn't be forced to be punished with one of the greatest gifts in the world.

These women are not victims and it's they've proven it over and over again with their protests and admitting that they acknowledge that it is a life of a human being that they are ending.

Recently a drag queen sitting on a bar during a Halloween event in which he is dressed like a pregnant woman. He then gets a knife cutting into his stomach performing a grotesque abortion on himself consisting of fake blood, guts, and a plastic baby causing a hideous scene. He then mimics eating the baby, while the music in the background, "Cannibal" is played.

If you watch closely, you'll even see him fling some piece of fabric or some materiel propelling some of the fake blood into the bar and likely onto other individuals.

Many people on social media have voiced their disgust over the act:

What the f is wrong with these people? This is ok but conservative free speech Is considered hate speech? We live in upside down world. Satan is making his move i guess but I've read the end of the book and #Godwins – @ScottH46147237

Sick.This is where the left wants to Drag Society right @SpeakerPelosi? @RepAdamSchiff? Reminds you of The Standard I bet. The left needs to understand thatevery behavior outside a populations norm, does not need to be celebrated, taught to our children or given a parade. – @EverythingKath

Wow.. now that's just creepy. Dont blame guns for mass murders, this guy and those like him are the real problem. Btw.. ever notice women never commit mass murder? Maybe that's cause they do it every day on the abortion table – @EleanorRigsby110