Shocking Body Cam Video Shows Officers Shoot, Kill 17-Year-Old Driver

In January, two O'Fallon police officers shot and killed a teenager in a car on a cul-de-sac. After the shooting, a stolen handgun was found in the vehicle, according to police.

Post Dispatch reports:

One of the officers approached the car and knocked on the window. The teen looked up, then down. The officer tapped the barrel of his handgun on the window, then smashed it through the glass. The car lurched into reverse, then drove forward. Both officers, one on each side of the car, began firing, at least 15 rounds in all, as the car sped off over a suburban lawn.

The officer later told investigators he saw through the window a hand holding a gun, and feared for his life.

At least two bullets hit the car’s driver, 17-year-old Christopher Jones, who died. The passenger, another teen, was arrested.

A handgun that had been reported stolen was recovered from the car after the shooting, police said.


St. Charles County Prosecutor Timothy A. Lohmar wrote a letter to the O'Fallon police chief, stating that charges would not be pressed as the officers believed their lives and the community's safety were at risk.

“The use of deadly force was objectively reasonable given the facts and circumstances presented to the officers,” Lohmar said.

“Every officer-involved shooting is a tragic incident for all involved,” said Capt. David Tiefenbrunn, criminal investigations commander for St. Charles County police, in a video briefing released on Friday. “This case required considerable time for investigators to thoroughly review all video and physical evidence, conduct physical analysis and complete witness interviews.”