Sen. Mitt Romney Just Paid MAJORLY For Siding With Dems On Impeachment

Senator Mitt Romney has been outspoken against President Trump, especially with the impeachment drama.

Now he's paying heavily in his own state for his words against the President since he's seemingly sided with the Democrats.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Morning Consult survey found support for Romney, 72, going down after he called for former national security adviser John Bolton to testify at Trump’s impeachment trial, which began on Thursday.

The poll shows the senator’s approval rating falling among Utah Republicans from September through December 2019, and independents also shifted to disapproving of Romney over the quarter.

In the prior quarter, 65% of Utah Republicans supported Romney, and while a majority still do presently, that number sank to 57%.

The numbers are particularly striking for Utah, one of the most Republican states in the country. Romney romped to victory in his 2018 Senate bid and has been considered a local hero of sorts among his fellow Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints constituents and others.

Do you really want to know how bad it is though? The now Utah "Republican" Senator may be losing tons of support within his party, but he's actually gaining support with the Democrats in his state of Utah.

According to that same poll, 46% of Democrats approved of the former Massachusetts governor. This number has gone up 4 points from the previous quarter. It's no surprise because there's no fact as clear as knowing that he's the biggest RINO around since Sen. John McCain passed away. There's not even a Republican bone in his body.

Romney said that the phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky was "troubling in the extreme". However, there has been nothing more troubling than the Democrats fabricating a storyline that makes it appear that Trump asked Zelensky to investigate Biden so he can win the 2020 election and if he doesn't, then the U.S. won't be sending any money over to Ukraine.