Sen. Cotton: Congress Needs to Ensure Disinfo Board Can Ever Exist Again!

On Wednesday, Senator Tom Cotton appeared on Fox News Channel and demanded that Congress take steps to ensure that the so-called "disinformation board" can never exist again.

Cotton said, “I’m glad to know that this Orwellian Ministry of Truth is at least paused for the moment, but I think it’s important to realize that it’s only paused because the American people found out about it. The government has no business refereeing disputes engaged in political campaigns or public debates. If you don’t like someone else’s speech, the solution is more speech. It’s not to use the Department of Homeland Security, for goodness sakes, to try to censor or label someone’s arguments in the public sphere."

He continued, "I think the Democrats often believe that disinformation and misinformation are simply facts that reflect poorly on Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. So, again, it’s good that they finally came to their senses and paused this board, but Congress needs to act in the weeks ahead to ensure that it and nothing like it can ever be created again in the future.”