See the Moment That Michigan Counted 149,772 Votes in 5 Seconds 96% for Biden

The biggest problem in this previous election in regard to the voter fraud is likely the fake ballots. The second biggest problem is going to be the problems with the Dominion software glitches.

When you actually look at the numbers that we're seeing so far from glitches, these numbers could turn into a million of more votes.

And that doesn't even fake ballots from actual people and dead people who voted.

We know that the Dominion software that was used in 30 states "glitched" in a serious problem and so far, it looks like at least one candidate's race on the local level was even overturned after learning about the glitch.

Was this glitch intentional, or was it truly an accident? I'd like to think that it was an accident, but there is too much coincidence that the results overwhelmingly favored Joe Biden than they did President Trump.

Now, we're actually getting a look at just how bad this software glitched, and it is massive!

A data scientist by the name of Sarah Eaglesfield was actually tracking the vote counts in multiple states in real-time on election night. She actually noticed multiple glitches in the counting.

One of them she notices was that Michigan counted 149,772 votes in a matter of just 5 seconds. Can you guess how many were for President Trump? Less than 6,000 of them!


But like I said, that's not all…

Based on the information below, we can see that at 5:12 AM, the state of Virginia somehow lost 169,000.

If you'll notice that at 4:43 AM, the count was at 3,368,181 votes, then at 5:12 AM, that number dropped to 3,199,165, and that different is honestly larger of a deletion if you look at it on a shorter time scale.



We know that President Trump was not only leading these states like Michigan and Virginia, but he was dominating them. Then they expect us to believe that at the end, Joe Biden suddenly swept in and took over? Not a chance.

And remember, this software was used in many states and in all of the swing states. We've got to get to the bottom of this. Even the woman data scientist who tracked these numbers is a supporter of Biden, but she said, "Any party wanting democracy should be very concerned about what we've uncovered today."

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