Schumer Gets Embarrassed When This Happened to ‘Personal Guest’ He Invited to Impeachment Trial

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer thought he would try to be slick and invite a controversial person as his guest to the impeachment trial.

However, that all backfired when his guest was removed from the public viewing area since he was wearing an electronic ankle bracelet. That guest was none other than Lev Parnas.

Schumer invited Parnas to impeachment trial on Wednesday however, security blocked him from entering because of his ankle bracelet.

Senator Ted Cruz described the scene in a now-deleted tweet,

“Scenes from the impeachment trial: Schumer invited Lev Parnas to be his personal guest today at the trial. Minutes ago, Parnas was ejected from the gallery…because he’s wearing an ankle bracelet mandated bc he’s a criminal defendant accused of serious felonies!”

But the best description of what happened actually came from Senator Lindsey Graham,

“The best way to sum up this whole debacle is to understand that Senator Schumer’s desire for Lev Parnas to attend the Senate trial apparently cannot be accommodated because Mr. Parnas has an electronic ankle bracelet imposed upon him by the court. You can’t make this up.”

According to Red State,

The dude was literally kicked out of the proceedings because had a monitoring bracelet on due to his being an indicted criminal. You can’t make this stuff up. Chuck Schumer tried to downplay his role, claiming that he got Parnas the tickets like he would any other New Yorker that called. That’s a laughable contention. This was staged to try to embarrass the defense during their presentation time and it blew up in Schumer’s face.

2020 is shaping up to be the most ludicrous year in politics yet, and we are only a month in.

While they reported that he was kicked out, he technically wasn’t ever allowed in to begin with since there were no electronic devices allowed in the gallery.

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