Schumer Called To Resign After Being Outed As A Hypocrite In Jeffrey Epstein Case

Sen. Chuck Schumer is one of the biggest scumballs in the Senate and is not exactly known for his consistency, but instead, he's known for only wanting to get his way no matter the cost.

Schumer has pretended to be the head honcho with the Jeffrey Epstein and trying to act like the bigger man by calling on President Trump to explain his former friendship with Epstein and calling on Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to resign.

But it looks like the rolls have been reversed. Now Schumer needs to explain himself for accepting donations from Epstein for years.

At the same time, why is he not calling out Bill Clinton? It's all because he's a Democrat.

According to The New York Post,

Federal Election Commission records show that Schumer received seven $1,000 donations from Epstein between 1992 and 1997, first as a US congressman from New York and then when he was vying to be the state’s senator in 1998, an election he won.

Epstein — who was arrested Saturday and charged with sex trafficking and a related conspiracy countfor allegedly sexually abusing a vast network of underage girls — also gave $10,000 to Victory in New York, a joint fundraising committee established by Schumer and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Epstein gave an additional $5,000 to Win New York, a Schumer-associated joint committee that benefited the Liberal Party of New York state.

Both of Epstein’s donations to the committees came in October 1998 — and look to have primarily benefited the DSCC and the Liberal Party of New York, as Epstein would have already met the $2,000 limit on donating individually to Schumer.

Mark Levin has called out Schumer saying he needs to resign from the Senate.

Levin said on his show,

“I don’t know what took place in this Epstein case in Miami, and I’m not defending anybody. This is a very, very, very serious matter, and we’ll see where the chips fall. But the Democrats want to turn a Democrat donor, a sick pedophile, into a Republican problem. They keep bringing up Trump’s name. Trump kicked his ass out of Mar-a-Lago!”

Levin continued,

“Schumer’s taken money from Weinstein. He’s taken money from Epstein. All the ‘steins. … Schumer takes money from all kinds of sexual predators. Perverts. I seem to recall he also defended Bill Jefferson Clinton, BJ. Bill Jefferson Clinton. He took money, and he supported BJ Clinton — so that’s three strikes. I’ll give you four. I told you the other day: Anthony Weiner. Anthony Weiner once worked for Schumer. … So Weiner, Epstein, Weinstein, and Schumer. So, ladies and gentlemen, I’m calling on Chuck Schumer to resign. Because apparently he has very, very, very poor judgment. I don’t care how much of this money he’s given now to charity. He’s all — I don’t know what — he’s all sexual-predator’d up, if I may say.”

“It’s amazing how the Democrats are trying to turn this into a Trump administration scandal. No, this is on them. This is their donor. This is their guy. This is their billionaire.”