School District Forced Parents To Sign Agreement Not To Monitor Online Classes

I hope that parents of school-aged children are paying attention to what's going on right now.

This is your chance to make a change. This is the chance to give them a proper education that they deserve, because it's continually getting worse with this coronavirus mess.

Red flags are flying everywhere after teachers have expressed concerns on social media about parents "listening" to their children's lessons.

Well, why would this be a problem? It's because they teach hot button topics related to gender identity and race.

Well, the issue has finally moved off of social media and into the real world with a Tennessee school district asking [parents to sign a form agreeing not to monitor virtual classrooms. The districts stated that they are concerned that "non-student observers" might overhear confidential information.

The form, a copy of which was sent to the Tennessee Star, reads:

“RCS strives to present these opportunities in a secure format that protects student privacy to the greatest extent possible, however, because these meetings will occur virtually RCS is limited in its ability to fully control certain factors such as non-student observers that may be present in the home of a student participating in the virtual meeting.”

The agreement goes on to “strongly discourage” “non-student observation of online meetings due to the potential of confidential information about a student being revealed,” and while it does not specifically say that parents may not be present while their child is participating in virtual instruction, it does say that a “violation of this agreement may result in RCS removing my child from the virtual meeting.”

The agreement, of course, raised parents’ interest, according to the Tennessee Star, particularly given that the agreement implied items of interest might be being discussed in classrooms without parents’ knowledge.

It's clear that they know they are doing something that they shouldn't be because they're not wanting parents to listen in because they might hear these topics being discussed even though their parents would disagree with them, and also because they're wanting an actual document signed.

Reports show that an email went out from Rutherford schools district to parents claiming that they would take parents concerns into consideration:

“We are aware of the concern that has been raised about this distance-learning letter that was sent to parents,” a spokesperson told the Star. “The intent was not to prevent parents from being involved with their children during distance learning, but it was intended to protect the academic privacy of other students in the classroom who are visible during certain virtual class sessions.”

They're aware, but they don't care.

The Daily Wire

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