Schiff's Top Witnesses Are Left Speechless After Ratcliffe Asks What Crime Trump Committed

Impeachment hearings began last week, having hearings on both Wednesday and Friday and what a show it's been so far.

If you've been watching the hearings, I'm sure you've already come to realize that the Democrats really don't have much of anything to bring against Trump. Thankfully, we've got some Republicans asking questions as well so the whole thing isn't fixed to look like the Democrats have been right all along.

One of those Republicans is Rep. John Ratcliffe. He clearly emerged as one of President Trump's most intense defenders, just as much so as Rep. Jim Jordan.

According to The Texas Tribune,

Republicans in the House Intelligence committee largely stuck to a strategy of attacking the legitimacy of the impeachment hearing process and the credibility of the two witnesses, William B. Taylor, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and George Kent, deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs.

Prior to Wednesday's public hearing, several transcripts of the closed-door hearings were released by the House Intelligence Committee. In those hearings, Ratcliffe displayed the same forceful criticism of the impeachment investigation that he did in the hearing on Wednesday.

Many of his Republican colleagues on Wednesday, including fellow Texas Congressman Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Midland, yielded their time for questions to Ratcliffe, allowing him to take the lead in attempting to poke holes in the process.

At one point, Rep. Ratcliffe asked both Ambassador Taylor and George Kent a simple question, "So in this impeachment hearing today where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or other high crimes, where is the impeachable offense in that call? Are either of you here today to assert there was an impeachable offense in that call?"

They were completely silent. I mean you could have heard a pin drop.

It's obvious that both men know that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing which is why they kept their mouths shut.

Take a look at the video below: