Scandal in the Pelosi Family – Rumors of Forced Abortion, Abuse, and Massive Fraud

Things are about to get really ugly for the Pelosi family, especially for Nancy's son. A major scandal is about to be unleashed.

Karen Feng, who is Paul Pelosi Jr.'s (Nancy's son) is currently suing Pelosi over a range of crimes ranging from alleged fraud, to abused child protective services to a degree where he was essentially using it as a weapon. Feng even describes how Pelosi forced her to have an abortion against her will.

According to the National File,

Feng said that Pelosi Jr. forced her to have an abortion by threatening her life. Pelosi Jr. threatened to report Feng to Child Protective Services during a fight over their property dispute, according to text messages. Child Protective Services (CPS) is known as Family and Children’s Services in San Francisco and Department of Family and Children’s Service in Santa Clara County, where Feng’s children were originally seized.

CPS took Ms. Feng’s four children, ages 13 and under, the first three born through artificial insemination and the last through a biological father that was not Pelosi, away from her when she was in the hospital having her most recent baby, and placed them in a foster care situation that Feng says is abusive. The original anonymous call to CPS against Feng was based on the claim that Feng was mentally ill because she imagined a false relationship with Pelosi Jr., according to court documents.

We have obtained many photographs, text messages and documents proving Feng’s years-long relationship with Pelosi Jr., including the fact that Feng’s children called Pelosi Jr. “daddy.”

It looks like the water is starting to heat up very nicely for the Pelosis. Of course, Pelosi denies not only that any of those things happen, but also denies that they were even in a relationship. He says that she made up the whole thing it looks like Feng has a lot of evidence including photographs, videos of the children referring to Pelosi as "daddy", text messages from Pelosi, and other relevant documents.

Let's get this ball rolling and leverage it to get nasty Nancy out of Congress.