Savage Black Lives Matter Runs Over and Beats Raccoon, 'Only White People Worry About Animals'

Black Lives Matter only cares about one thing…themselves.

I mean that with all sincerity. I'm not saying that black people only care about themselves. These are two different things.

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group. Black people are not.

Time and time again the group has demonstrated that they do not hold any regard to anything other than their own sinful desires. They curse at anyone, fight anyone, beat anyone, assault anyone, kill anyone, burn anything, and steal anything they want. How do I know this? Because they've been doing it!

No one and nothing is safe, not even animals. Just recently a video surfaced of some Black Lives Matter supporters running over a raccoon and brutally beating it.

Now, animal rights activists are on the hunt in trying to identify who the people are in this video.

Let me warn you before you watch that this video is not for the squeamish. It is very disturbing.


The jerk who videoed the gruesome and deeply disturbing act uploaded it to Facebook under the name "James Blue". Since then, both his Facebook and Instagram accounts have been deleted.

“Worry about police killing black people, you’re worried about an animal crazy,” Blue wrote.

Then he said, "You need my address I'll give you my address by my lawyer is ready." He was then asked for his address, but I doubt that he gave it because people would hunt him down and he would definitely be arrested.

On top of that, the man's niece stepped in to "defend" her uncle by saying that "only white peoples [sic] worry about this". So I guess black people don't care about animals? Only white people know that it's cruel

If these low-lives can't even have some dignity to respect animal life, then how are they going to show dignity for human life?

We already know that they don't. They don't care. James Blue said to worry about police killing black people, but these rioters are killing people at a much higher rate than the police ever were. Plus, the police weren't out there burning down businesses and terrorizing neighborhoods full of people trying to sleep.

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