Rioters Tear Down Statue and Erect BLM Statue, Here's What Happened

Rioters have been vandalizing and tearing down statues all across America of those individuals who they claim to be racists.

But that has all been just a front. That's not really what's going on, because they've been tearing down statues of Frederick Douglass and other abolitionists, as well as decapitating a statue of Jesus.

This isn't just happening in the United States either, it's also happening in the U.K. In one instance the protesters decided to replace one statue with a Black Lives Matter protester statue of Jen Reid. But the town was not having it and within a day they took the statue down.

"The sculpture of a Black Lives Matter protester that replaced a statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol has been removed just 24 hours after it went up.

Contractors were pictured using ropes and a crane to secure the statue of Jen Reid, who had been photographed standing on the plinth with a raised fist on the day the figure of Colston was removed, at about 5.20am on Thursday morning.

A witness said that the workmen carefully secured the strap before moving the Marc Quinn sculpture, with one saying “don’t break her dress”. It was then lifted into a recycling and skip hire lorry and driven away.

A Bristol city council spokeswoman said: “This morning we removed the sculpture. It will be held at our museum for the artist to collect or donate to our collection.”

BBC Bristol reported that Quinn would be charged with the cost of the removal and that the council said it had received complaints of fly-tipping.

Reid and Quinn have said that any proceeds from the sale of the work will go to two charities chosen by Reid that are devoted to improving the teaching of black history in British schools."

Mayor Marvin Rees tweeted that the town did not take down the statue because it was related to Black Lives Matter, it was taken down because it was erected without permission.

"I understand people want expression, but the statue has been put up without permission. Anything put on the plinth outside of the process we've put in place will have to be removed. The people of Bristol will decide its future."

For this to be happening in multiple countries at the same times, should show that there is something bigger at play here and a puppet master pulling the strings.

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