BUSTED: Media Caught Staging Fake Photos of Medical Worker Protest (VIDEO)

Many of you have already seen the photos of healthcare workers standing in the middle of the street in protest.

This was actually a "counter-protest" in the middle of another protest of other who were protesting the lockdown and want the country opened back up despite pub health officials' warnings that this would cause more damage to our nation.

Take a look at the photo below and you'll see what I'm talking about. The caption in the tweet makes it sound like this is going to be a moment that will be remembered forever.

This photo will be in future U.S. history textbooks. Karen the "Land Free" paint chip snacker yells "go to China" to a nurse who, in a few weeks' time, will likely be helping to intubate her dumb ass. All while recreating the iconic Tiananmen Square photo…from China.#COVIDIOT

During the protest though, the media was caught red-handed staging a photo to tell their own fake news story.

There was a lady who was live streaming on Facebook when one of the healthcare workers (if he's even a real healthcare worker) walked out into the street while traffic was stopped and stood in front of the vehicle holding a sign for a few seconds, just long enough for a photographer to snap a picture of the event.

You can hear the woman say, "Ohh! They're staging. I'm glad I got this. A staged media op! Look at that! Staged on Facebook Live. Don't publish it in your paper!"

"You're a fraud!"

There are other photos that are similar and were just as staged. The media will do anything to get attention and push whatever narrative they're wanting to push. In this case, they're wanting to make the point that Americans shouldn't be going back to work yet which just allows the Democrats more time to get their agendas pushed through Congress.

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