Republicans Revolt Against Trump! McConnell Loses Control of Impeachment Trial

In a shocking turn of events, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he no longer has the votes needed to block the Democrats from calling witnesses to the impeachment trial in the Senate.

And I get it honestly. I truly don’t think that it has anything to do with believing that calling John Bolton will affect anything.

It may be one of two things:

They’re either covering their butts so that the Democrats can’t complain that the trial wasn’t fair, or they’re wanting to get the whistleblower, Adam Schiff, and the Bidens to testify.

In other words, it’s not even about seeing what they have to say about President Trump and Ukraine, it’s about making the Democrats look even worse.

Even after sitting through days and late nights of argument, several Republicans apparently are ready to join Democrats in considering in-person testimony from former National Security Adviser John Bolton and perhaps others.

McConnell told colleagues in a private meeting that he did not yet have the votes to block Democrats from summoning witnesses. That outcome would prolong an election-year trial that Trump and his legal team had hoped was on track, as one lawyer said, to “end now, as soon as possible.”

McConnell’s statement, in a closed-door meeting of senators, was an acknowledgment of the extent to which revelations from Bolton have scrambled the trial’s schedule and the desire for testimony. Bolton writes in a forthcoming book that Trump told him he wanted to withhold military aid from Ukraine until it helped with investigations into Democratic rival Joe Biden. That assertion, if true, would undercut a key defense argument and go to the heart of one major article of impeachment against the president.

Bolton’s book is supposed to contain some sort of confession that there was a tie between the Ukrainian aid and investigating the Bidens.

So now it looks like McConnell may be moving to Plan B.