Rep. Ilhan Omar Flies Into A Rage After Being Caught Trying Profit Off A Food Bank

The anti-Semitic Congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar has found herself in controversy and trouble once again after getting caught red handed in a lie.

She was trying to claim that she was raising funds for a food bank, but it appears as though she was trying to raise some funds for something or someone else…perhaps herself or her boy toy?

Conservative journalist David Steinberg Busted Rep. Ilhan Omar trying to use a Minnesota Food Bank to make money and posted it on Twitter for the world to see, Yet another @IlhanMN campaign finance problem: @IlhanMN posted this tweet on Tuesday, then deleted it at some point after it received this reply.”

The tweet shows something that Omar tweeted, which she has since deleted claiming that she was raising money,

“As Minnesotans struggle with hunger, I’m partnering with @MNFoodShare and other local groups that pack and deliver meals to students and families.

Chip in $5 today to power their efforts to keep our communities fed!”

Steinberg showed pictures of the now-deleted post.

Then the post was seen by the Director for the GMCC who replied she had not partnered with Omar and has no idea where this money was going. After she did that, Omar deleted her tweet. Hmm, I wonder why? I also wonder how often she’s done something like this to try and take money from people.

Then what happened next just blows my mind. I just can not understand how a liberal with evidence right in front of them can discredit the evidence and pretend like it doesn’t exist.

Omar attacked back for posting what was already posted. She tweeted in an act of rage,

This type of deliberate disinformation is beneath the dignity of anyone in elected office.

Last few weeks, my campaign has been raising money for local organizations helping the MN community.

Our efforts to help raise money at the request of communities hit hard will continue.”

How was this disinformation? And if it was disinformation, then why did she get called out on it by the GMCC and why did she delete her tweet?

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